Rust never sleeps….

With the new MasterProtect 8500 Cl dual-phase corrosion inhibitor, you can sleep peacefully at night without needing to worry about rust. Sprayed, rolled or brushed onto new or aged concrete in liquid form, the single-component MasterProtect 8500 Cl reliably protects steel-reinforced concrete, bridges, building...and your reputation.

Proven corrosion protection with MasterProtect 8000 CI | BASF

Preserve your building in a cost-efficient and long-term way – with the corrosion protection from MasterProtect 8000 CI. Thanks to the simple application, you save time and money. See from the example of the Fundació Joan Miró, how quickly and reliably corrosion damage can be repaired


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Longer Service Life of Concrete
Structures with Proven Corrosion
Inhibiting Technology

MasterProtect® 8500CI Technical Data Guide

Dual phase corrosion inhibitor treatment for steel reinforced concrete

MasterProtect® 8500C Product Information

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