Corrosion never sleeps.

Safe and Cost-Efficient Corrosion Protection for Concrete Structures

Corrosion of reinforced concrete structures is a complex issue that can be initiated by a variety of different mechanisms in combination with harsh environments and weather conditions. Identifying the proper strategies and solutions to preserve the visual appearance and guarantee the durability of these structures is crucial. MasterProtect 8500 CI is the new reactive and dual phase corrosion inhibition based on the most advanced technology in the market, designed to prevent corrosion by stopping it before it begins.

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MasterProtect 8500 CI is a very fluid material which can be spray applied to all kinds of reinforced concrete structures - new or already existing - such as car parks, bridges, marine, industrial and residential buildings. It combines the power of a 100% reactive penetrating corrosion inhibitor and a latent-phase corrosion inhibitor to mitigate electrochemical corrosion of reinforcing steel in new or aged concrete.

MasterProtect 8500 CI Brochure

Detailed product description, advantages in benefits

MasterProtect 8500 CI Quick guide

Advice to identify the best solution for your needs

MasterProtect 8500 CI Handbook

Product Information Statement for LEED® v. 4 Credit Documentation

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